BSA 10-Shot Magazine for .177 (4.5mm)

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BSA Magazine for .177 (4.5mm) Multi-Shot Air Rifles. 10-Shot capacity visible remaining shot count embossed onto the rotor.

BSA's latest magazine is even easier to load an operate thanks to a number of improvements in the rotor design. As with previous magazines, these will self index when the rifle is cycled and display the remaining shot count via a stamped number on the rotor (left hand insert only). A lighter ABS plastic rotor with tapered pellet chambers allowing smoother and faster indexing between shots and loading. This also reduces the number of pellets that previously may have snagged on the O-Ring and will reduce the number of fouled pellets being caught on the rifle's pellet probe.

Important Notice: These magazines are not intended for use with rifles where the magazine is mechanically indexed. If your existing magazine is metal and has an exposed gear on the underside, these new style magazines MUST be modified before use, or the indexing arm in the rifle disabled.

  • 10 Shot Capacity
  • For use with .177 ( 4.5m ) Calibre Multi-Shot BSA Airguns
  • Embossed visible remaining shot-count on the rotor
  • Tapered pellet chambers for improved loading
  • Lightweight rotor for reduced overall weight and wear on internal springs

Please Note: This is a replacement / spare magazine for Multi-Shot Air Rifles and will not convert single shot Air Rifles into Multi-Shot capacity.

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