Barrnett SlingShot Catapult Ammo .38 / 9mm - 100 Practice Training Ammo

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Barrnett SlingShot Catapult Ammo .38 / 9mm - 100 Practice Training BB Ammo

0.38 inch about 9mm BB Ammo for Sling shot / Catapults-

100 High quality HEAVY Plastic, precision ground for superior performance, accuracy and power, Re-usable. The best training ammo available.

Ideal for your sling shot / Catapult. Much more accurate and consistent than using stones and safer than steel.


Target shooting and Pest Control - Barnett Catapults / Slingshots, Spares & Ammo

Catapults have change over the years, no longer just a bit of Y shaped piece of wood and length of elastic.

Modern materials have given us a new generation of slingshots with increased power, accuracy and reliability. Moulded grip handles are now the norm, and the use of surgical latex for the bands and wrist supports now allow the user to get full extension with complete control without killing your wrist!!.

We stock a full range of Barnett slingshots to cover all levels of experience and requirements.

From the entry level strike nine to the fully balanced Pro Diablo a catapult to suit every job.

Spare Bands - It is always best to have a Spare bands on hand as you never know when one might snap. Even though surgical rubber is incredibly durable it will perish over time, best to avoid storing them in sun light, put them in a draw not on a window sill..

AMMO - Ammo is a matter for personal choice. Size and material depends on the range and target. Barnett offer packs of 50 and 140 steel balls as well as `hot shot` practice plastic pellets. We also have 6 and 9.5mm Chrome plated steel pellets ball bearing ammo available. You can shoot small stones but they are so light you will not get much range of power. Steel/Practice ammo shoots straighter as they are all the same size and weight.

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