May 2013

  1. Poseidon MKVI rebreather 60M Upgrade

    The Poseidon MKVI 60M Upgrade is about to launch! Benefits: Dive to 60M / 200FT with Poseidon patented safety technology Real-time performance changes from recreational to technical and back again Enable Trimix, Decompression and Manual Off-Board Gas Addition to enhance your dive profiles and bottom time Available as an upgrade for all Poseidon MKVI Owners! The 60M Tri-Mix is a...
  2. Scuba Diving Malta 27th June till 4th July 2013

    Scuba Diving in Malta - 27th June till 4th July 2013 Trevor is off to Malta again... We are looking at Ryan Air out of Bournemouth for £186 including 20Kg. Accommodation from £125 (first 4 sharing twin rooms). Scuba Diving with Aquatica, as normal. Lots of Sun, Fun and Diving ...oh it's a hard life being a pro Trev  Trevor...

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