July 2013

  1. UK Airsoft - LAW - Here are some guide lines for purchasing softair in the UK

    UK Airsoft - LAW  -  Here are some guide lines for purchasing softair in the UK WARNING Never try to paint your airsoft gun black it is against the law.  All airsoft guns sold without a licence must be at least 50% Coloured with a bright colour like Blue/Orange/Red or be Clear so you can see through the gun. To buy a...
  2. 30/07/13 - NEW Hammerli AP20 PCP Air Pistol available NOW! Dorset Hampshire Gun Shop Mail Order

    Hammerli have released their latest Match Air Pistol in the UK, and we are proud to announce that TAL Arms Shootingandscuba have stock of this fantastic model so come and have a look and buy one. Order Yours Now - Click here for more info or Call the Shop 01202 473030 Hämmerli sporting arms are known for their functionality, longevity and...
  3. Lose a few pounds and enjoy Scuba... Did you know

    Did you know you can sharpen up your scuba skills on a wednesday evening in the pool and loss 1050 calories :) ... result... around 14 calories a miniute How many Calories will you burn Scuba diving this weekend? Calorie Calculator for Scuba
  4. Wear your BCD on the Plane!! Just In Oceanic Aeris Jet Pack

    Wear your BCD on the plane and fly clever - JetPak / carry on bag... can save you money and room Just in the New Aeris travel Jetpak, wear your BCD like a ruck sack when you travel, holds your regs, mask, computer and more saving you space and money when you fly.... With the rising costs of excess...

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