February 2014

  1. Wolverine C-Type

    It's been a week of anticipation with Daystate teasing their Facebook followers with close up images of the new Daystate Wolvering C-Type. Today we finally got a full length shot of this new rifle which seems to have caused some controversy among the fans for it's inclusion of a new fore-end. Personally I think it looks great and I'm looking...
  2. Hollis Explorer Prism2 Poseidon MKVI .. Cu Ft to Litres Scuba Tank Cylinder sizes USA Metric Conversion

    To work out what tank you need when diving with cubic foot USA cylinders is not as straight forward as you would think. Cu Ft is pressure related Metric Litres is not. Hollis Explorer in Gibraltar So to convert Cu Ft to Metric Litres you - Take the Cu Ft /0.035314667 then divide by the fill / rated pressure. For a...

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