September 2014

  1. New Webley MKVI Service Revolver - British Army Issue WWI - 4.5mm BB firing Replica

    The famous break top MKVI British Army Officers service revolver of World War I..another great firing replica of a famous revolver. Why not remember the First World War by starting a collection!   This great copy of the 455 Webley calibre WWI and WWII self ejecting Webley Revolver. Was the British forces standard issue service pistol from around 1887 until...
  2. Boat Dives -Vixen - October - 2014 from Christchurch Quay Dorset

    Learn to Scuba Dive with TAL Scuba in Dorset and Hampshire - PADI Open Water Diver Course OCTOBER 2014 Saturday - 4th October - Depart 10.15 from Christchurch Quay -  2 Dives- Wreck and Drift Dive (S0.R0) Sunday - 5th October - Depart 10:30 from Christchurch Quay -  2 Dives -Drift Dive and Wreck (S0.R2) Saturday - 11th October - Depart 09:00 from Christchurch Quay...

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