April 2015

  1. NEW UK Firearms and Shotgun Certificate / License Fees

    New UK Shotgun and Firearms Certificate ( FAC ) fees effective from 6th April 2015. The cost of a firearms certificate now £88.00; The cost of a shotgun certificate now £79.50; Renewal of a firearms certificate now £62.00; Renewal of a shotgun certificate now cost £49.00; Save money by applying for your FAC and SGC at the same time. Just complete both forms...
  2. Coal Air Rifle Pellets in Stock - TAL Arms the UK Importer for Coal Pellets - Top Quality pellets

    Great News the first Tonne of Coal Air Rifle Pellets have arrived and are on display in our Christchurch / Bournemouth, Dorset shop - TAL Arms. We have 2 more tonnes on the way so you will be spoiled for choice, We have heard so much that is good about these air rifle pellets and even more that is  great...

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