February 2018

  1. Gun video's under attack from YouTube

    I've just been made aware that in the last 24 hours, several YouTube channels including Military Arms Channel (link produces a live error from disabled), Airgungear.co.uk and even Daystate have all been disabled, removed or deleted. At the time of writing, our own ShootingandScuba channel is still live and being downloaded in case, however we don't yet know the full...
  2. Update on Air Force One Airguns!

    We've had a pleasing update from the UK distributor of Air Force One airguns, to confirm that after the Chinese Lunar New Year, they expect their first shipment to leave China and start making their way to the UK. Pre-order customers have already been notified and there's still time to reserve Airguns from the selection we have on order. If...

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