May 2018

  1. Gunpower Tactical Package

    Following on from Yesterday's post about the new Gunpower Air Rifles, we now have a first look image for the Tactical Package. Available as an upgrade when purchasing a new Gunpower Rifle, each Tactical Package includes the Picatinny Rail and vertical foregrip (shown here attached to a Gunpower Stealth rifle). Whilst the Enfield sight and laser shown in this first-look...
  2. Gunpower Airguns available now

    I've had my eye on Gunpower airguns after seeing John Patton reviewing the Airforce Talon SS over at The Gun Collective, what caught my eye was the breech loading mechanism, built in silencer (Our US cousins sadly are much more restricted on external silencers than we are) and the stripped-down design of the rifle. Like the FX Impact we're starting...

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