Hollis prism 2 Rebreather BMCL (Back Mounted Counter Lung) FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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Having just unpacking the BMCL Kit Back Mounted Counter Lungs for my Prism 2 Rebreather BMCL (Back Mounted Counter Lung) and reading the installation manual..
Manual states the diluent side 1st stage 6LP and hoses plus oxygen side 1 stage and hoses included.  My kits received only contains the. BMCL.

My rig does not have the BOV , only DSV.

I have the original 3 port 1st stages 2LP 1HP port each.

How do you suggestion I install the diluent side hoses on the new bmcl? I essentially need 3 LP ports, 1 for the ADV, 1 for the Dil manual add and 1 for the wind inflator.


The 1st Stage upgrade to the New 6 Port version is available at extra Cost.

You have two options using older/original style first stage to connect the additional LP hose required for the BMCL ADV -

1. Install a 90 degree LP swivel on the unused Diluent LP port, adjacent to the OPV

2. Install a LP hose splitter into one of the already used LP ports

If you do decide to run a BOV in the future, we would recommend you upgrade your Diluent 1st stage to the newer 6 port version, PN 240.3569.

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