Oceanic PROPLUS 4.0 Dive Computer

The Oceanic PROPLUS 4.0


Bigger and better than ever, the Oceanic ProPlus 4.0 Dive Computer features the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Now scuba divers can adjust and customise all their dive features on the go both pre-and post-dive.
ProPlus 4.0 boasts a new display area, wider font size, and 22% larger digits than its predecessor (Oceanic ProPlus 3 Dive Computer), making it clearer and easier-to-read than ever before. With Bluetooth compatibility, ProPlus 4.0 Dive computer adds to Oceanic's commitment to growing the largest family of Bluetooth compatible scuba diving computers available to divers.

Oceanic ProPlus 4.0 options

Available with and without a standard scuba diving compass module


The ProPlus 4.0 connects to your smartphone through the free DiverLog+ App, available in the app store. Divers can adjust the dual Nitrox mixes, switch the Dual Algorithm™, gas mixes, user display, alarms, all on the go pre- and post-dive.

Pre-Dive: plan your dive with alerts for time and depth, select your gas mixes from the comfort of your mobile device, and more!

Post-Dive: download your dive instantly to your mobile device, view your most recent dive profile and information, add photos and videos, and use the search query to filter by location, dive type, depth, and more!

Available with a quick disconnect - JUST TWIST AND GO

Done with your dive for the day but you don't want to leave your computer on deck with the rest of your gear? No problem, the ProPlus 4.0 comes standard with a quick disconnect and twisting locking ring for extra security.

Oceanic ProPlus 4.0 XL DISPLAY

The ProPlus 4.0 features a brand-new XL display area, wider font size that is crisp and easy to read, and 22% larger digits, making it among the clearest consoles on the market.


Choose the Right Algorithm for Your Dive.
Pelagic Z+ offers a conservative approach to recreational diving or maximised bottom time for deep and decompression dives, maximising dive times at depth without excessive penalties. Pelagic DSAT safely maximises dive times for repetitive, multi-level recreational diving.

Dive in Sync with Any Buddy, Anywhere.
Dual Algorithm allows you to choose the algorithm and its conservatism. This means the Pro Plus 4 can closely match your dive buddy's algorithm, eliminating the need for either of you to cut your dive short, even if you're diving different computers.

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ProPlus 4.0 connects you to all your dive data on your smartphone through the DiverLog+ App, available for free in the app store.

Adjust the dual Nitrox mixes
Switch the Dual Algorithm™
Plan your dive with alerts for time and depth
Select your gas mixes from your smartphone
Add photos, videos, and share your dive with friends