Poseidon MKVI and Se7en MK7 Rebreather Repackable Scrubber Cartridge IS HERE - CE Approved


Poseidon after years using the 797 pre packed Scrubber cartridges Poseidon have now changed to a Repackable Scrubber Cartridge.

The first batch of our CE-marked product is now in production. Pre-order yours now, Make sure you place your order to get in line for one.

Repackable Scrubber (art# 6011-069)
Poseidon will post instructions on how to pack their website.
The training agencies have got all information about this change. They are all approved by PADI, SSI, RAID...and more. Please contact your organization for more details.

We are happy to train our customers/students on how to pack this repackable cartridge free of charge at our classrooms in Dorset and Hampshire.

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