1. First Look - Sig Sauer P365 Compact BB Co2 Pistol

    A new addition to the Sig Air lineup, and one that's a little different to the rest that adds some variation to Sig Sauer's already impressive selection of Co2 Pistols. This time, we're seeing the first look on the P365, modelled 1:1 after it's firearm counterpart, which was designed as a smaller frame pistol for concealed carry. This Co2 version...
  2. The Umerax C96 Broomhandle Mauser pistol from WWI and WWII a true piece of History

    The C96 Broomhandle was developed in 1895 by Fidel Feeerle for mauser in Germany and used in the First World War and the Second World War by the Germans. Why was it called the Broomhandle? ...A true peice of histroy. Make a great addition to anyones collection buy yours here
  3. NEW - CZ P-09 4.5mm .177 Pellet - Rifled barrel Co2 Pistol Due Friday 30/05/14

    The eagerly awaited NEW - CZ P-09 form ASG is due on Friday YES - 4.5mm / .177 Pellets NOT BB YES - Rifled barrel Co2 Pistol NOT Smooth Bore for better accuracy The New CZ P-09 with Rifled Barrel 4.5mm pellets

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