1. TAL Scuba visits Bare Drysuit Factory in Malta - Hollis DX300X BTR500 Drysuits manufacturer

    TAL Scuba visits Huish / BARE Drysuit Factory in Malta - Trevor checks out where the Hollis DX300X and BTR500 Drysuits are made I had the chance to pop over and see Steven Bowd at the BARE Europe Drysuit Factory here in Zejtun, Malta today. This is where they make a huge range of BARE drysuits and where all the...
  2. Hollis Explorer - Huish buyout Hollis / AUP

    Huish buyout of Hollis / AUP There have been some changes at Hollis Explorer Rebreather Front, AUP / Hollis seem to have been bought out by Huish, this has caused some supply problems as Huish have moved the factory to Utah. Update have since been told Two unknown guys bought Hollis Rebreathers and Huish will distribute their product only (The...

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