1. TAL Arms visits John Rothery Wholesale

    John Rothery opened it's office doors to the team from TAL Arms this Monday, where our TAL Arms team had the opportunity to have a look round, get a refreshed on some Walther and Umarex gunsmithing internals, check out some of the latest shooting products and get some hands on time with the new upcoming Walther Reign PCP air rifle that...
  2. Walther Reign Bullpup Air Rifle

    Having had a few questions and discussions at the range these last few weeks, I thought it appropriate to take a more in-depth look at the Walther Reign bullpup by Umarex / Walther. The specifications cite a 2.3kg weight, which if true on production models will see this as being one of the lighter and most accessible bullpup configuration rifles...

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