TAL Scuba visits Huish / BARE Drysuit Factory in Malta -

Trevor checks out where the Hollis DX300X and BTR500 Drysuits are made

I had the chance to pop over and see Steven Bowd at the BARE Europe Drysuit Factory here in Zejtun, Malta today. This is where they make a huge range of BARE drysuits and where all the Hollis drysuits are made, the DX300X and BTR500.

My first impression was - wow big factory, seemed a lot larger than the previous factory in the UK where Hollis drysuits were made. With 68 staff this place makes a lot of suits.

Quality control at BARE Drysuits - Top Priority at BARE

Every inch of all drysuit materials are now checked by this hi-tec equipment recently purchased by BARE before they even start cutting.

Quality is key so every operator has his/her work checked by the next operator. Then all suits are tested and quality checked again by the inspection department at the end of production. BARE have just had a full external quality audit carried by a UK contractor they brought in to improve quality on their suits. This went very well with 24 out of 24 suits that were manufactured under the watch of the audit passing final test and pressure test 100% first time.

In the past there have been a few questions about BARE suit quality. However significant work has been done to address this. The advancements made in quality control by BARE, both small and large, the new equipment purchased and the very important commitment to quality procedures, quality audits and quality control improvements have resolved these issues. BARE have recently invested over 100K on new cutting and other equipment to increase production and quality.

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We recommend Hollis DX300X drysuits - Great choice for UK Diving

"Having visited the factory and seen for myself, the factory, suits, staff and attention to detail and asked some hard hitting questions, all of which were answered. I am now very happy to stock these suits and recommend them to my clients, friends and staff. These DX300X suits are even better than the DX300 and DX300I suits we were purchasing from the UK before Hollis moved manufacture to BARE in Malta. A number of suit and material improvements and now manufactured to an even higher standard" - Trevor Leyland Course Director and owner of TAL Scuba

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All suits are 100% Pressure tested before dispatch

BARE Drysuit Repairs - will get quicker

Drysuit repairs do take a while at the moment (Some 4-5 weeks) but BARE are in the process of building a dedicated repair department to speed up repairs. Repairs are currently fed into the line in between new suit manufacture. They were starting the stainless steel work in the new facility while I was touring the factory. Hopefully this will be up and running for April 2019. The new dedicated repair facility will also have it's own pressure testing station. This is the main delay in repairs as the current 3 pressure testing stations have to deal with production suits and the repairs for Hollis and Bare drysuits.

Hollis DX300X sizing - Get measure up

Why not pop into TAL Scuba and get sized up for your new Hollis DX300X drysuit.

Great Visit to BARE - Very informative - Worth my time

"Thank you Steve Bowd (right) of BARE Europe for showing me around the factory and explaining how good BARE drysuits really are" - Trevor Leyland of TAL Scuba