First thoughts on the Hollis Prism 2 Back Mounted Counter Lung conversion kit

What do you get in the BMCL kit

The Kit includes all the controls, t-pieces, hoses, bag, everything to swap the existing lungs. For users with the 4 port first stage, it connects right up. If you have the 3 port, you must use a Y adapter to run the additional LP hose for the manual control, or a swivel on the lower side of the first stage body.

Stephen B - First Dive

The kit was pretty easy to install. Used a bit of bungee to hold the manual blocks down.

First test dive yesterday went off very well.  No leaks or issues.

A few little things to work out like the hose routing, routing the controller cable. But not show stoppers.

Diving the Hollis Prism 2 BMCL. First thing I noticed was the change in the feel of breathing with the BMCL....It does not feel more difficult but different.  WOB (work of breathing) felt great in all orientations with the exception of vertical, head up with this position I had chipmunk cheeks.

The ADV operates so smoothly. I would say this is the best improvement over the FMCL ( Front mounted counter lungs) system.

This set up gave me a nice clean chest for clipping stuff off.

Really happy..  A good rebreather just got better
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Some pictures of Stephens B's Prism 2 BMCL set up

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Other feed back we have had on the BMCL for the Hollis Prism 2

The OPV on the BMCL is like that on a BCD/Wing it is not adjustable. The OPV is fitted to the exhale counter side. There is a spot for one on the inhale counter lung but by design one is not fitted. This is all good until you come to clean the counter lungs. Hollis Rebreathers recommend taking the back mounted counter lungs off for cleaning with Steramine, this is not ideal as it it time consuming. Other BMCL allow for cleaning in situ. This can still be done on the Prism 2 BMCL filling with steramine, shaking the unit with a funny little dance, then removing the OPV on the exhale side and the adv on the other. Hollis have said they may bring out a second OPV kit for the inhale side.

Stephen B is currently testing the BMCL in the Red Sea, we will update this blog when we have his thoughts after a week in the Red Sea

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