The Winchester Lever Action Co2 Legends Cowboy Rifle by Umarex

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New from Umarex

You asked and they made it! This awesome great new Co2 rifle from Umarex - John Wayne eat your heart out...

You can Load, cock, fire, reload just like the original 1892 Winchester Lever Action rifle, like you see in all the films.

Pull the lever, hear the ejected cartridge hit the ground, feed a new cartridge in to the chamber from the magazine and fire again.

This CO2 Legends version of the famous Winchester 1892 Cowboy Rifle will make you feel like a cowboy and bring a smile to your face, transport yourself back to the Wild West.

Shoots and Ejects Full Size Cartridges - Holds 10

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Umarex Cowboy - Advanced CO2 technology and nostalgic charm

Shoots steel, lead or plastic .177 / 4.5mm BBs from Umarex full size 4.5mm BB cartridges powered by 12g Co2 capsules with plenty of energy to knock over those steel cans.

Underlever operation, side gate loading and ejecting shells make it feel just like a real Winchester 1892 Lever Action rifle from the old days in the Wild West.

Cartridges are loaded into the tube magazine under the barrel through the side gate just like on the original Winchester.

Shoots around 400 Feet per second making it great for shooting in the garden and blasting those tin cans and targets.

Available in classic antique finish, looks like you just climbed off your horse? 

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The Umarex Cowboy Rifle is also winner when it comes to fun.

Traditional Winchester style stock and feel make it handle very well with good accuracy for a BB rifle.
All-metal break-down frame.
With its combination of advanced CO2 technology and nostalgic charm, this rifle is sure to offer plenty of fun.
  • Action - Underlever
  • Calibre - .177bb / 4.5mm 
  • Stock - Plastic
  • Weight - 2526 grams
  • Length - 966mm
  • Energy - 7.5 Joules / 6 Ft/lb
  • Velocity - 175 m/s
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