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A truely amazing bit of kit, so simple to set up and so simple to dive, after just a few days training you will be amazed how much more you get from your dives.

You can stay longer, get much closer to marine life, warmer as you're breathing heated air, less tired as you are not breathing dry cold air like on open circuit. You just see more.

The Explorer is a hybrid rebreather using a single Nitrox gas of 32-40%. It's not a fully closed or semi closed rebreather it's a hyrib giving you a simple, safe, no fus, lets go diving rebreather. Great down to 40m.

Compact, light weight and easy to fly with. I fit mine in my carry on bag when I fly or 3 units in 2 gear gulpers when I am teaching.

The Explorer is electronically controlled to achieve an optimal balance of PPO2 and dive time. Simple sofnolime absorbent cartridges that after training you can pack yourself, a big advantage when travelling, Great simple handset guides you through your pre dive check with plain english instructions not code numbers you have to look up,  The Optional CO2 sensor and makes pre dive even quicker with a simple 1 minute pre-breath instead of the normal 5 minute pre-breath making the Hollis Explorer even quicker to get ready.



The Scrubbers are the bit that removes Carbone Dioxide from your recycle your exhaled breaths and allowing most of the Oxygen to be reused, instead of wasted and lost when you exhale. The Hollis Explorer scrubber are easy to learn to pack yourself or you can use  pre packed scrubbers if you prefer. The option to pack them yourself is a major advantage when travelling around the world and saves you money.



The unit Scubber has an approximate 2 hour duration. It is CE approval is for a minimum of 90 minutes, 40m at 4 Degs. This can vary depending on exertion, Gas, temperature and conditions. You will learn about this when you complete your training on the unit. The Unit also monitors the temperature of the scrubber using US Military technology, Giving you a good indication of scrubber usage or any problems.



Excellant built in dive computer with a clear, bright, backlit Display very easy to see underwater, although sometimes hard to see on l and in bright sun light but that goes for most computers. The handset screen is bright, vibrant and easy to read even in the murky depths of your favorite wreck, reef, muddy puddle or azure blues of the sea. The handset is connected to the Hollis Explorer by a cable. The Handset / computer can connectted to your PC with a cable that is provided to enable you to download your dive data. The same cable is used to update the handset (computer), LSS (Life Support System), probe and Co2 sensor firmware / software, very simple to do. 

The Hollis Explorer rebreather also has a HUD or Heads Up display has a 3 Multi Colour LED setup which sits in front of your mask giving you a simple easy to see system status. This status is also repeated via more LEDs on the LSS that other divers can see from a distance, so your buddy can see you good to go and safe while diving.


The Hollis BOV or Bail Out Valve on the Explorer (see picture) is a dual purpose valve allowing you to breath on the loop when using the Explorer as a rebreather or as a normal second stage if you switch to open curcuit in the uinlikey event you have a problem. So you do not have to remove the BOV from your mouth to switch from the loop to open curcuit when diving the Hollis Sports rebreather.



The Hollis Sports Explorer rebreather is designed for recreational diving - Designed for none deco dives down to 40m and upto 2 hours or so. 40m (and shallower!) where all the good stuff is and where coming to the surface is still possible. If you are looking at deeper or longer, you may wish to consider a full Tec rebreather such as the Prism2. The Hollis Explorer will however calculate emergency decompression stops as you would expect from such a great bit of kit, should you accidentally overstay your time.



The Hollis Explorer has back mounted counter lungs protected by a hard plastic back for safety making it mush easier to put the unit on and take it off. About the same weight as a 10Ltr cylinder open circuit setup but giving you proformance that out lasts twinset with 2 x 12 ltr tanks!!

Very simple and easy to strip and clean taking just a few minutes, the simplest Rebreather I have ever dived to strip and clean.

A comfotable breathing loop is provides a very positive experience. The Hollis Explorer automatically purges small amounts of water that may get in the loop and when ascending or the counter lungs are too full the units vents gas helping you control bouyancy. People of different stature and lung sizes are very cleaverly catered for by the LCV (Loop Control Valve) Just dial in your size of lung and away you go. Providing minimal bubbles and helping to ensure good neutral buoyancy.

The Unit comes with a Hollis Tec style harness, Back plate and Wing BCD (one size fits all) OR a traditional jacket style BCD with intergrated weights available in various sizes. 

This video is of Trevor Leyland our very own PADI Course Director and Hollis Sports Explorer Rebreather Instructor, diving an early pre-production unit in Mexico:

For more videos and the training video of setup and skills look at the following:

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