GAMO / BSA Piston Seal (Washer) MPN 70012540 / 16-5657

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GAMO / BSA Parachute style Piston Seal / Washer. 26mm outer diameter with a 13mm inner. 5.4mm Thickness.

GAMO / BSA Piston Seal / Washer. Parachute style washer that was adopted by GAMO / BSA as a common piston seal component that was interchangeable between models. Also suitable for the Stoeger X20. If your rifle is low in power, it could be because air is escaping past the piston seal from the compression chamber. These are direct manufacturer replacements for the factory-fitted piston seal.

  • 26mm Outer Diameter
  • 13mm Inner Diameter
  • 5.4mm Thickness
  • GAMO MPN 12540
  • Same Design as BSA MPN 16-5657
  • Suitable for all GAMO spring Air Rifles, Rifles, the BSA Meteor MK5, MK6, MK7, Comet, Polaris and the Stoeger X20
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