.22 / 5.50mm H&N Excite Coppa-Point (16.05gr) Airgun Pellets (200)

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200x .22 (5.5mm) H&N Coppa Point pellets. These great quality Olympic grade 16.05gr pellets, are Copper Jacketed Pellets similar to 357 Magnum ammunition. A high quality lead pellet with an electro plated layer / jacket of copper makes these a very hard hitting air gun pellet for maximum penetration.

This same copper Jacket also means there is little-to-no lead fouling in the barrel as well as low deformation and high penetration (20% harder than comparable lead pellets).

Please Note: These pellets vary in size from 5.50mm to 5.58mm. The label on the tin's rear will show 5.50mm however this is to indicate that the pellets are sized to the nearest 0.5mm. Each individual rifle / pistol has a unique barrel size and only in very rare circumstances will these be unsuitable.

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