PADI Master Scuba Diver

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Become a PADI Master Scuba Diver

Respect! - that's what you will get with this certification! - recognised as the 'black belt' of recreational scuba diving, to get here you have worked hard, shown dedication, shown experience in different aspects of diving, and have dived! - Many new divers focus on this as their dream...! - Want it? Live it? DIVE IT!

This isn't a course, it is a level of qualification that shows you have worked hard to become an industry best! Award is on application and only available to those who can prove they are worth it! TAL Scuba will process this for you on production of your Open Water certification, Advanced Open Water certification, Rescue Diver certification and five specialty certifications. Also proof of 50 logged dives. If you need advice on what specialites you can do, what is good or any other information, give us a call.





What do I get?

Upon successful application you will receive a new patch to wear and a certificate, as well as your new dive card. - Not to mention the respect of other divers who recognise the effort and hard work you have put in to get this far! - Often provided a higher level of courtesy when visiting new dive locations similar to PADI professionals, you may be allowed to buddy up and go for your own dive rather than being led in a group!


How do I do It?

  • To apply for Master Scuba Diver, you must:
  • •Be 12 years or older.
  • •Have a PADI Rescue Diver Certification.
  • •Be trained and certified in 5 specialties.
  • •Have 50 logged dives.
  • •Pay the required Registration fee

What's Next?

Now you are considered one of the best! - However, there is no need to stop there! - why not continue to specialise in other areas? On a dive trip the skipper briefs everybody on the dive site, you're buddied with a newly qualified open water diver, it's a bit embarrassing when you can't navigate properly underwater and end up at the wrong place! - Or maybe your buddy asks you what was that fish you saw, and all you can say is the grey one with red spots... Maybe you may just want some fun? - the Diver Propelled Vehicles are great for seeing a big sites. Or have you ever thought about becoming a Divemaster and helping out? - you clearly now have experience and some knowledge, that is what divemastering is about!

Course Details



Prerequisites   Rescue Diver
5 x Specialty certifications
50 Logged dives


Participants   You!
Kit Included   N/A
Required   Your Dive Cards if not all completed through TAL Scuba.
Your Log book
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