PADI Enriched Air Diver Speciality Course

Nitrox - The most popular PADI Speciality - Stay longer see more!


PADI Enriched Air Nitrox Speciality Course

The PADI Nitrox course is the most popular PADI speciality course in the world, because we all want to stay longer, see more and have more fun underwater.

Shore diving or boat diving in the UK or around the world there is so much to see you just want to stay longer and enjoy the dive, the easiest way to do this is to dive on Nitrox.

By adding Oxygen and replacing some of the nitrogen in our breathing gas we can stay longer before reaching the limit of our no stop time under water; our no decompression limit.

Whatever type of diving you like be it wreck diving, drift diving, night diving Enriched air nitrox will allow you to stay longer and enjoy longer scuba dives.

More and more liveaboard and dive centre around the world offer Nitrox, many for free but you must be qualified to take advantage of this and dive safely. Don't waste your holiday in the classroom get it done before you go.

You have to be qualified to get Nitrox fills and dive Nitrox.

You will learn about

  • How to analyse, obtain and label Nitrox fills
  • Maximum safe depths for your blend of gas
  • How replacing some Nitrogen by adding Oxygen can increase your dive time
  • How to setup and use Nitrox dive computers, and what to buy
  • Planning longer Nitrox dives
  • Gas narcosis and Nitrox
  • Primary benefits of diving Nitrox
  • And more....

This course has a theory session and predive simulations and practical sessions all held in the classroom. There are no required dives but optional Nitrox training dives and EAN RDP / Nitrox recreational Dive Planner sessions are available. Why not sign up for another course such as drift or boat diver and get FREE Nitrox training dives at the same time under the close supervision of your instructor.

 Train in the UK - it's a little more demanding but..

You are qualified to dive in conditions similar or better than that in which you were trained!

Learn scuba diving in the UK - With TAL Scuba


Who should take this Scuba course?

Every scuba diver from any agency, as the PADI Enriched Air diver Nitrox course will let you stay longer underwater; this is the most popular speciality course here in the UK and around the world.

You need to have your PADI (Junior) Open Diver rating or equivalent from another agency or higher, and be at least 12 years old to enrol in the PADI Enriched Air Diver course.

How long does this Enriched Air Diver Course take?

Watch the DVD at home, read the manual which is included FREE and complete knowledge reviews. We normally do the theory in the classroom and is normally completed in 1 evening providing you have done your homework. There are no required dives but we offer optional Nitrox training / refresher dives for a small extra cost or why not join the club and come diving with us and we will supervise your first few Enriched air / Nitrox dives with us for free as part of your club membership.

What comes next after your Enriched Air Diver Speciality Course

Now you can stay longer underwater you might find you get low on gas or maybe get chilly why not sign up to one of these courses.

PADI Drysuit Speciality - Getting chilly in the water or between dives? Yes? This 3 dive drysuit course is one of the most popular specialities in the UK and teaches you how to dive safely in a drysuit keeping you more comfortable and warmer. Drysuits keep you dry while diving allowing you to control your warmth by changing what you wear under the suit. They also keep you warmer on the surface but stopping the wind cutting through your wet wetsuit. Best to start this course and do the theory before purchasing a suit so you make the right purchasing choice. Fit is very important and there are lots of options. Book Now - PADI Drysuit Speciality Course

Go PADI Sidemount - When one tank is not enough - When you go deeper you use gas faster. We teach both Recreational and TEC Sidemount diving - Sidemount is mounting 2 cylinders one on each side, Twinset diving is 2 cylinders mounted side by side on your back. Sidemount is more comfortable and costs less than twinset diving. We also teach twinset diving. Book Now - Rec or Tec PADI Sidemount Speciality Course

PADI Tec 40 - Now you can use Nitrox maybe it's time to learn about Deco diving. Move from recreational scuba diving to technical diving, from no stop diving to decompression diving. Build knowledge and skills. You will be qualified to make limited decompression dives to 40 metres Book Now - PADI Tec 40 Course

What is included in this course

PADI Manual, Free use of Oxygen Analyser during the course, PADI DVD for 30 days (£5 Rental fee plus £25 refundable Deposit on DVD rental if returned within 30 days), Instructor Fees and Instruction.

What is not included in this courses

 Transport, Parking, Gas, Dive site / Dive Boat Fees, PADI Certification Fee and Kit Hire (Special rental rates for kit hire during courses).

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