RNLI - Diver Sea Survival PADI Speciality


New Speciality Diver Course From PADI and the RNLI - Diver Sea Survival Course

This new course is a must for all new divers and many experienced divers who have no sea survival training.

You will learn about

  • Scuba Dive Pre Planning
  • Dive preparation
  • Navigation Kits
  • Safety Kits
  • Low Viz conditions
  • Surface Emergencies
  • Out of Air Emergencies
  • SMBs

Sea Survival Course includes 2 fun, challenging Scuba Dives where you will learn and demonstrate survival skills in open water both on the surface and under water.

Are your Scuba Diving Skills up to diving in the UK?

Who should take this Scuba course?

Most of us learn to scuba dive so we can dive in the sea or in large lakes so we see fish and ship wrecks and have a great time. However sometimes things do not go as planned and we can get into trouble or end up on the surface needing help. This is where the Sea Survival course comes in, it helps us help ourselves and others get out of trouble. Stay alive until help arrives. If you think there is a chance of ending up in trouble while scuba diving in the sea you should take this course.

This new PADI Speciality Course is for any new diver who is thinking of diving in the Sea and for most experienced scuba divers who do not have sea survival training.

You must be at least 12 years old and a certified PADI Open Water diver or above, OR have a qualifying certification from another training organisation such as BASC, SSI, RAID.

How long does this Dive Course take?

Normally 1 evening theory and a day completing the 2 open water / sea dives.

What comes next after your Diver Sea Survival course

PADI Rescue Diver - Many scuba divers say the PADI Rescue Diver course is challenging, yet great fun and the most rewarding course they've ever taken. Learn to prevent and manage problems in the water, become more confident in your skills, help others, maybe save a life. Book Now - PADI Rescue Diver Course.

PADI SMB Speciality - This 2 Dive speciality teaches you even more about using Surface Marker buoys (SMB) in the UK and around the world. "SMBs are a must in the UK and so many experienced divers cannot use them properly, As a commercial Scuba Dive boat Skipper I have spent hours looking for divers who have NOT deployed their SMB properly. How do you expect your skipper to pick you up if they cannot see your SMB!! This course is VERY useful for most divers - Trevor." Book Now - PADI SMB Speciality Course

PADI Drift Diver Speciality - In the UK due to tides we often do drift dives from boats and sometimes from the shore. Our divers do more drift dives than any other type of diving. This 2 Dive speciality is great fun and can be completed in a single day with 2 boat dives on DSV Vixen or from Swanage. Book Now - PADI Drift Speciality Course

What is included in this course

  • Instructor Fees and Instruction.
  • Special discounted Scuba kit hire rates for the course.

What is not included in this courses

  • Transport, Parking, Gas, Dive Site / Dive Boat Fees, PADI Certification Fee and Kit Hire.
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