Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour is a mark of Achievement!

We celebrate all diving ranks and recognise the effort that it takes some to get to those levels.

Master Scuba Diver

This is a significant step in any divers journey, signifying they have completed not only 50 logged dives, but have also achieved the rating of Rescue diver and gained five specialty ratings! - Often considered as a black belt within the diving fraternity, affording some professional courtesy when diving abroad.  Take the PADI Master Scuba Diver™ challenge?

TAL divers also recognise that many divers wish to continue way beyond the Master Scuba Diver level and so we have developed recognition for these diving heroes with two further levels:

Elite Diver

A diver who has obtained the Master Scuba Diving rating and then an additional 50 dives (100 in total) and a further 5 specialties (10 in total). Not an easy feat and one worth celebrating! Can you acheive Elite Diver Status

Ultimate Diver

This is top level diving! The Ultimate diver has logged a minimum of 150 dives, An Elite Diver with an additional 5 specialty ratings, making a total of 15.. These really are the people to ask for advice! - they have been there and done that, very few make it this far.

Master Scuba Diver Elite Diver Ultimate Diver
PADI Rating Rescue Diver Master Scuba Diver Master Scuba Diver
Number of Specialities 5 10 15
Number of Logged Dives 50 100 150
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