Malta & Gozo

FUN Shore Diving and a little bit of party time!!

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We like Malta and Gozo, it is a short flight from home and the flights are regular, several times a day. The conditions are just about perfect for diving and a little partying afterwards! The islands are very friendly, easily accessable and the majority of the people speak English! Getting around is a doddle, either hiring a car, using the Bus or where we stay a short walk! The Islands are filled with historic interests as well as diving, so there is loads to see and do, as well as diving!

The diving on the islands is very varid, from your first breaths of Open water, to the Advanced Technical diving. With depth ranges from 1m to 100+m it will accomodate all capabilities, and there is stacks to see too. With the jewel of the Med for wrecks being the Um El Faroud (a Gas tanker) being a short swim from the shore, it is easy to see why the island is popular for diving!


The climate is warmer than the UK and diving can happen all year round. (Although they do think we are mad for diving in 17ºC waters - lets hope they dont do a winter trip to the UK!!) the temperatures are:

Avg Air °C 13 13 15 16 22 24 26 28 25 21 18 14
Avg Water 14 11 13 18 22 26 28 28 27 25 22 18


Flights if booked in advance start from £50, accommodation starts from £20 per night and the food is as cheap as you like! Pea Pasties are fast becoming a favourite food from the local selection.


We can do most courses in Malta and the list of what we have completed there extends to most of the PADI manual! (The exception being Ice Diving!) The conditions are very good, with 5m Visibility being the worst we have ever had! The avergae vis is 20m + and the best being unlimited! There is stacks of deep diving, wreck diving, Night diving with fish and stuff to see, you name it is possible. Ask us, we can find a spot to do it!

We run regular trips to Malta, and with the right number can organise special excursions taking you out and diving in the warm... we don't mind!

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