Poseidon MKVI

The most advanced recreational rebreather on the market. This unit allows for shallow recreational rebreather diving as easily as it lends itself to advanced decompression based diving at depths. Produced by the internationally renowned company Poseidon, with many years in research and development, this unit really is one of the best available! The advantages of rebreather diving are vast, and with this small, compact and very flexible unit, the advantages are all utilised.


Recreational - The Poseidon Discovery is the world’s first rebreather for recreational divers. This is a relatively new spin on the oldest of SCUBA technology, ensuring that it is now the safest possible way to go diving. The new technology virtually eliminates all of the risks commonly associated with rebreathers. It essentially flies itself and should it detect anything untoward, it will instruct the diver to 'bailout' and surface. When we say instruct, we mean beep, vibrate, flash and not shut up until you complete the required action! It detects the depth restrictions, the decompression time as any ordinary dive computer, but also goes on to calculate the levels of gas required for an assent, bailout ascent, and even if you are breathing enough! - It really is a very sophisticated computer allowing for very safe diving.

Many of the Tec features commonly found in the older rebreathers have been simplified and replaced with user friendly alternatives. For example the Scrubber is pre packed and sealed. Meaning the scrubber has the right amount of sofnadive packed at the right density for the recommended dive time. Self packing is eliminated - the temptation to over pack or reuse the soda lime is removed! The injection of gasses is automatic so you don't have to work out what gas you need, it works it out for you, all you have to do is breathe! Poseidon MKVI in Handluggage

Size This unit is currently the smallest on the market. It doesn't have large shell casings which take up space and weight, like the rest of the units available. Once broken down and ready for travel, it actually fits very easily into a standard hand luggage case for air travel. - We know this because we did it! Not only this it also had space for the off board bailout regs and hoses, camera housing, and camera. Unlike many other rebreathers this means you can travel with your unit comfortably, without expensive extra luggage costs, and hassle. Why would you invest in an expensive bit of kit but not take it diving?



Weight Weighing in at 18kg fully loaded (with scrubber and standard 3ltr cylinders) this is arguably the lightest of rebreathers on the market. Add it to your current BCD and away you go...!


Adaptability The Poseidon MkVI Discovery is the perfect unit for any diver who is looking at or already qualified to Advanced Open Water, and equally Tec 40. The unit ships with a standard 40m green Battery, this allows you to dive to 40m (once qualified) with no decompression. Once qualified to Tec 40, you can replace the battery with a yellow variety and now dive using decompression... That Simple! Further to this there is a Trimix48 Battery, which allows for 48m diving using Trimix.

Fancy a bit of full on tec as well? - This unit with an additional TEC upgrade unit will now dive as deep as you will want to go! (CE approved to 100m)


Usability We don't just sell these, we dive them as well! - We reckon on average the set up time is from packed away to diving is 30 min's. Although this seems a long time, for the 4 hours underwater you will experience it is a little price to pay! It is a quick assembly unit which means there is minimal hoses and connections to make before you can sequence check and pre-breathe.

The computer console is extremely clear and easy to read in any light conditions. It has its own backlighting built in ensuring that as it gets darker it is just as easy and bright to see.

The Bailout Valve is dual circuit, so in the event of a bailout situation, dropping the lever means you have safe air to breathe. Unlike some other models on the market which then require you to swap to an alternative second stage, this means you are safe and able to breathe. The regulator is lightweight and comfortable to hold both on the surface and underwater.

The Discovery MK VI can be attached in a manner of ways to your existing BCD, wing, or harness. With simple on off brackets, or using the cam band strap, the unit can be detached or attached depending on the days diving requirements. However for ease of use Poseidon have launched a new BCD with counter lungs built in, meaning once set up, your rebreather is always ready for use!

Downsides There is always a downside to everything. With this unit... all we can find is... it only comes in black! After diving it for many hours at a variety of depths, stresses and locations, we really can't fault it. Trust us... we tried!




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