Poseidon MKVI and MKVII UK Service Centre

Our Poseidon trained rebreather technicians can service your Poseidon MKVI and Se7en rebreather as need in our fully equipped workshop. We carry all the specialist tools and equipment required. Please call for turnaround times but we can normally complete the service/repair in under 7 days. Some electrical problems require returning the unit to Sweden. You can drop your unit off at the shop or ship / post the unit to us. ONLY Genuine FACTORY replacement parts are used during repair or servicing work. Most spare parts and service kits are kept in stock. We will update your software / firmware as part of your Hollis Explorer service.


  • Full Service - Labour £207.50 plus VAT = £249.00 Plus parts (Normally around £215 excluding Oxygen O2 Cells, Aug 2017 prices). You can tell when a service is required by looking at the bottom left hand corner When is your unit due for service – During "Test 55" the paddle displays in the bottom right of your paddle the number of weeks remaining before a service is required. We advise you do not wait until your unit reads "0" to bring it in for service as the unit will shut down preventing you from diving. Your MKVI / Se7en should be serviced at least every 2 years.
  • Repairs £30 per hour Plus VAT = £36.00/Hour plus parts.
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