Scuba Servicing

Annual Servicing

Most Scuba manufactures and All Oceanic Scuba Life Support Equipment should be serviced at least once every year or approx 100 dives. Despite regular cleaning and proper storage, salt deposits and bacteria can accumulate inside your valves and equipment and stop them from working properly. Having them serviced cleans and protects them from prolonged damage. If you do not get your regulators serviced when due you may find the corrosion build up is so bad we are not able to get them apart and they may have to be scrapped. They might be bright and shiny on the outside, but what is the inside like?

Oceanic Lifetime Warranty

All Oceanic Life Support Equipment purchased in the UK has a manufacturers life-time Warranty. Conditions apply.

What this means is if you are the original registered owner as long as you get your regulators, gauges, computers and BCD serviced by an approved service centre like TAL, on anniversary of the purchase date plus or minus 30 days, then you will have Standard service parts for LIFE for FREE! All you will pay for is the labour costs of getting your kit back into top condition plus any additional parts required, such as mouth pieces, hoses, covers etc. Oceanic Computers even get a free battery under LTW. Full terms and conditions from Oceanic click this link.

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