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Booking your item for Servicing or repair with TAL Arms

As well as servicing airguns and firearms booked in via our Christchurch Shop or given to a member of staff at one of our Gun Club shoots, we also offer servicing by courier for anyone requiring servicing or repairs who's that little bit further away. Available to all our Mainland UK customers we can arrange the collection and re-delivery of Airguns and Firearms via Parcelforce. A selection of insurance brackets are available to reflect the varying types of Airguns and Firearms available. All items received are photographed and inspected, and then passed along to the relevant staff Technician to address any servicing, adjustment or repair requirements you may have. Please contact us or call 01202 473030 to learn more prior to ordering.

Why use TAL Arms

  • Our staff are Daystate, Air Arms and BSA approved, but have over 20 years of experience with a variety of other Airguns and Firearms as well.
  • Because we also deal with multiple suppliers we primarily source original manufacturer parts for a wide range of Airguns and Firearms instead of cheaper 3rd party that might wear quickly
  • Each service or repair is assigned to an individual technical, giving you a personal contact to discuss your requirements with.
  • Each Airgun or Firearm is tested prior to returning (please note leak testing can be a time-consuming process) for peace-of-mind

Pricing for Servicing and Repair

We often have fixed prices for some types of repairs we carry out frequently, however for the majority of repairs we charge £50 per hour excluding parts for any chargeable servicing or repairs we carry out. If you would like to talk to one of the team about your repair prior to booking, please contact us or call 01202 473030 for more information.

All parts and labour are additional to the carriage costs noted above and all repairs and servicing are subject to our general Terms and Conditions. Compensation values shown are the maximum recoverable costs and in the case of loss or damage may be to the value required to replace or repair items.

Checklist for sending an Airgun or Firearm

  • Always remember to unload your Air Gun or Firearm prior to transporting it and that it is covered when in public.
  • Remove the action from the stock if sending an Air Rifle or Pistol where the stock is safely removable.
  • Remove any scopes, mounts and other accessories from the scope rail.
  • Remove any Silencers Unless you are experiencing issues with airgun accuracy.
  • Include any applicable magazine(s) with the airgun for testing purposes.

Disclaimers and limitations of service

  • Parcelforce are the only remaining approved carrier of firearms in the UK. This means that all carriage is subject to their Terms and Conditions of carriage.
  • We will be unable to compensate for loss or damage occurring to items in transit due to insufficient or poor packaging. All items should be shipped inside a box with protection inside, suitable for the task of the safe transportation of your airgun or firearm. If loss or damage occurs through other means, then Parcelforce's normal channels for compensation will apply.
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