.177 Air Arms S510 TDR Take Down Rifle

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.177 Air Arms S510 TDR Take Down Rifle - the evolution of the S410 TDR has finally happened. A great rifle for anyone that wants to be discrete when taking there rifle out to they're hunting grounds. Due October 2017

Quite simply the S510 TDR is a Take Down Rifle that can be quickly disassembled down into 3 main parts, The butt, action & moderator. This will allow it to be placed into a small Air Arms case (supplied) nice and discreetly so that you can go out hunting without any non shooter knowing what's in the box.

To take apart the rifle all you need to do is turn the adjustment screw at the back of the butt and this will slowly disconnect from the main action of the rifle. Like the s410 TDR before it, the butt end of the stock has a retaining clip to house 2 spare magazines (1 spare magazine supplied with rifle) The fore end of the rifle has a accessory rail on the underneath so if you wanted to, you could put a single point sling on or if you wanted to a bipod (but that would add a lot of weight on the front end).

The NEW foamlined hardcase for the S510 TDR has enough room in it for most 50mm scopes, you can also leave the moderator attached to the rifle for when you store it away. There is also a spare for a tin of pellets, a filling connector and allen keys.

  • Air Capacity - 40 shots per fill
  • Weight - 2.8kg (un-scoped)
  • Overall Length - 1060mm
  • Barrel Length - 395mm
  • Ambidextrous Walnut Stock
  • Accessory Rail
  • Fully Shrouded Loather Walther Barrel
  • Adjustable Butt Pad
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Spare 10 Shot Magazine
  • Weight including case 6.5kg


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