Airgun Mainsprings

How Springs are used in Airguns

Spring-driven Airguns operate by compressing a spring, housed inside a piston. When the piston is released via the trigger's sear, the head of this piston is driven forward, compressing air inside the Airgun's compression chamber. This compressed air makes it's way into the breech and behind the pellet, pushing the pellet down the barrel towards the muzzle of the Rifle. Over time these springs will lose their elasticity, become less powerful if left cocked for long periods or even shatter in some extreme cases. Replacement manufacturer Mainsprings, as well as aftermarket springs from the OX and Titan XS range allow you to repair or upgrade your Airgun.

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Compatibility and Measuring a spring

Springs are measured across three main dimensions to check compatibility with a rifle. These measurements are not the only ones that can be factored in, but these will allow you to check if a particular will first of all fit. The most important measurements are the Internal and External Diameter. If the external diameter is too big, the spring will physically not fit into the piston, too small and the spring may buckle inside the piston which will provide uneven decompression of the spring when the trigger is pulled. If the internal diameter is too small or too large, a similar set of effects happen and either the spring guide of the Airgun will not fit, or offer uneven decompression. Finally we have the free length of the spring. If this is too short by a small amount, spacer washers can be used however it is always better to get a spring that's longer and, if you have the right tools, shorten it accordingly.

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