BSA / Gamo Breech Seal MPN - 16-7000 (replaces 70077060)


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BSA / Gamo Breech Seal MPN - 16-7000 for ASI, BSA / Gamo Break-Barrel Rifles, Gamo Compact & PR45 This replaces previous part number 70077060

BSA / Gamo Breech Seal (Manufacturer Part Number: 16-7000) for ASI, BSA or Gamo made Break-Barrel Air Rifles. The Breech Seal inserts into the cylinder on rifles, not the barrel. They are designed to seal around the breech, directing the expanding gas from the cylinder forward, behind the pellet pushing it down the barrel. Perished or worn breech seals allow gas to escape through the breech, resulting in a loss of power and accuracy. They are also used on the Gamo Compact and PR45 Air Pistols.


  • ASI: Spectra, Expo S, Delta, Trooper, PR15, Paratrooper, Gamatic 85, 400
  • Gamo: Delta Fox , 640 Carbine, Cadet 2001, Cadet Delta, Young Hunter, 610 Rum, Nitro 17, Sporter 500, 610, 850 Carbine, Delta 24, Carbine Sport, 560 Carbine, 500, Delta, Trooper, Recon, Compact, Gamatic, 400, PR45, Deltamax
  • BSA: Meteor Mk7, Comet


  • 8.2mm OD
  • 3.3mm ID
  • 5.7mm Thickness

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