The most Important Spearfishing Gear is your Speargun

So the most important spearfishing gear you need to buy for spearfishing is your speargun. I recommend you spend around half your spearfishing gear budget on the purchase of your speargun. You can compromise on some items of equipment but try and get as high a quality speargun as you can afford, Such as Cressi, it will last you longer and get you'll get more fish. Other spear fishing gear you may want is a reel to hold the line and a Torpedo float so boat skippers and Jetski riders know where you are in the water.. A competition line / thread also helps.

Spearfishing , Spearguns and UK Law

No licence is required to purchase the spearguns sold on these pages. However, Spearguns and spears are potentially lethal and when used in a dangerous manner, the laws governing the use of an offensive weapon may apply. Please use your Speargun sensibley and Safetly.

No licence or permit is required for fishing in the sea around the coast of Britain. Spearfishing is illegal in the non tidal reaches of Britain's rivers.

In Britain, there is national legislation and local bye- laws governing the minimum size of fish and shellfish that may be legally taken; other countries impose similar restrictions.

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