Spearfishing Knives

Knives to go with your Speargun ideal for UK Spearfishing

We have a large selection / choice of spearfishing and scuba diving knives. We have listed here those with a design ideal for UK spearfishing, great to accompany you speargun.

So why do we need a knife when spearfishing in the UK or elsewhere around the world?

Well we need a spearfishing knive to dispatch a fish cleanly after we have shot them with our speargun and for cutting our shooting line if it gets entangled. We may also need it if we become entangled in fishing line. A knife is a must when spearfishing in the UK for both convenience and safety.

We have various styles of knives with either pointed, blunt tips, most have a line cutter designed into the blade. A thin stiletto or pointed blade is better suited to cutting through a fish for a clean dispatch without to much damage.

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