Spearfishing Snorkels

Snorkel features to consider for UK Spearfishing,

Snorkel Bore size, this is the size of the hole through which you breath, a big bore lets you breath easily, if the bore is to small it is hard to get your breath when swimming hard.

Snorkel Valve – For Spearfishing in the UK I prefer a valve in the bottom of my snorkel as this aids clearing water without having to take my face out of the water so you can keep an eye on your target.

Wet or dry – Most snorkels are wet snorkels that let the water come down the end of the tube, the more water that comes down the tube the more you have to clear. A lot of snorkels have a splash guard designed into the end so that less water from waves enter the snorkel. Dry snorkels in the past had a ball valve design and were dodgy as the ball would stick making it hard to breath. But new designs such as the Aeris and Oceanic Ultra dry snorkels have a cleaver valve that closes over the end stopping water entering the snorkel and do not stick, simple but effective.

Snorkel Colours - . Most popular colours for UK Spearfishing are Black and camouflage,  But other people choose a bright colour so they can be seen in the water..

Mouth piece – A good silicon snorkel mouth piece is much more comfortable that a cheap plastic mouth piece.

Some people prefer soft snorkels for spearfishing as they tend to bend if they catch on a overhang or reef.

We stock a range of manufactures with Oceanic, Hollis and Cressi are the most popular.

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