.22LR Bremmer Arms Rim Fire Rifle - Great condition

.22LR AR15 A3 Bremmer Arms (Parker-Hale)

Only about 2000 made between 1997 and 2000

The Bremmer .22LR AR15 A2 and A3 was built using original M16 / AR15 parts and based on the A2/A3 model.

The Bremmer A2 has a fixed stock and this A3 have a ca-lapsing Adjustable stock

Bremmer built it using the same materials M16 / AR15 forgings / castings, furniture and hardware used on the 5.56/.223.

The receiver uses the US Army M-261 conversion kit for the upper receiver firing 22LR.

A pdf copy of the M-261 Technical Manual available from M-261 Technical Manual

The rifle uses original  M16 / AR 5.56 magazines with a 10 round 22LR conversion. They look the same and feel the same because they are the same.

This rifle is built as a 22LR rifle and is not a conversion so conforms to UK law.

The  M261 conversion kit was developed for the US military so that they could fire .22LR in their M16 5.56 / .223 rifles for training purposes.

This is a fully dedicated purpose built .22LR Rimfire A3 milspec semi auto rifle, complete with scope.

About 2000 of these great rifle were built by Bremmer / Parker-Hale, Birmingham, UK between 1997 and 2000. When Bremmer stopped trading Parker-Hale purchased all the parts, rifles extra and sold the Bremmer rifle. When Parker-Hale sadly failed following the effects of the 1997 Pistol ban what was left was purchased by Sabre Defence UK

All of this makes for a rare rifle. You really do not see many of these.

Why not make this one part of your collection today? - We only have the one (Dec 2018)!

Require a section 1 firearms licence to purchase.

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