22LR CZ 455 Yellow Thumbhole Bubble Bee - What do you think?

22LR Rimfire rifle - CZ Thumbhole yellow

This new variant from CZ of the 455 with it's very pretty Yellow laminate stock is sure a good looker. But what do you think? Let us know..

The laminated black and yellow wood thumbhole stock on the CZ 455 Looks cool, add to this a really light weight sports fly trigger mechanism, Yellow anodised trigger guard and magazine base, hammer forged fluted barrel for great accuracy and threaded for a silencer/moderator all in all makes for a great rifle.

This sports special version is based on the highly accurate CZ 455 THUMBHOLE model with a fluted barrel and a characteristic, ergonomic stock with a hole for a right-hand thumb. currently, the stock made from laminated wood is available in yellow and black colour. Yellow is also used on the trigger guard and the magazine base. The key adjustment for the target shooting is presented in the new fly weight trigger mechanism with the option to set the pull from 1 to 5 N. The trigger may also be set to a two stage trigger with the option to set the trigger travel and pull weight of the first and second stage individually by the user. Another option is to disable the first trigger stage resulting in minimum reset.

  • thumbhole style stock in a new colour combination
  • sports fly weight trigger mechanism
  • yellow anodized trigger guard and magazine base
  • hammer forged fluted barrel 525 mm long
  • ph muzzle thread

Other Version of the CZ 455 include

CZ 455 Standard, CZ 455 Camp Rifle, CZ 455 Ultra Match, CZ 455 Evolution GG and the CZ 455 Synthetic


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