i300c Scuba dive computer from Aqualung - Great Value for money

i300c dive computer from Aqualung - Really intuitive Dive Computer

As A PADI Course Director and TEC Instructor I dive a lot and I have used a lot of dive computers, this one is really worth a look.

I found the NEW i300C dive computer from Aqualung (New June 2018) to be very uncomplicated and simple to use, very intuitive. Seems to be tough and hard wearing very much like the Oceanic computers it seems to be based on.

I like computers I can dive without having to spend hours reading the manual before I can get it to work, This is just such a computer, simple and easy to use, lets you focus on the dive and not how to use the computer! having said that you should always read the manual for any dive computer before diving.

I found the screen easy to read, nice and clear. Has a good back light, I consider a must for diving in the UK. The computer is water activated if you forget to switch it on before entering the water. Though do try and remember to switch it on before jumping in so the computer can carry out a calibration at the surface before entering the water.

My first impression was wow - A lot of computer for the money - Versatile and durable and it even has blue tooth!! So you can set it up from your phone or tablet. The blue tooth technology also let's you down load your dives and share them on social media.

This great computer has has 4 modes

Air and EAN / Nitrox modes for normal Scuba diving. 3 Nitrox Mixes up to 100%.

Gauge mode with run timer

and Free Dive mode which tracks calculations to allow you to switch between DIVE and FREE modes..

User change able battery and it does not loose your data - Though I would still recommend getting your dive centre to change the battery when they service your computer, it's more than just a battery change you know!

You can have up to 3 Gases on the i300C which you can switch underwater. The back light and audible alarms with hi viz warning LED make using this computer nice and easy in the UK and increases safety when viz is poor or at night.

You can plan your dives using the Pre-Dive planning feature, this gives you your max times at various depths right now, while taking into account your previous dives. A nice touch is the single button press access to the last dive display. History gives you Max depth, total dive time and lowest temperature. You can chose between Feet, Meters and Degs C and F in the setup.

The software is user up datable to get the latest features but you will need to purchase the optional upload / download cable. Of course we do this as part of a service anyway each year.

You can chose if you want Deep stops turned on with countdown timer and the i300c has both Salt water and Fresh water modes. And as long as you turn it on before the dive the i300c has automatic altitude adjustment to ensure a safe accurate profile.

Diverlog Software

Works on the Mac and PC or mobile platforms, IOS and Android.

This allows you to control all your i300c setting and also view you dive log and profile data. You can also add locations, notes and other details, you can even add photos and videos and share them. Diverlog must be purchased separately at ediverlog.com

Available in wrist mount with a choice of colours, Black/Gray OR Black/Blue

What comes in the Box

Lens Protector

Digital Instruction manual

Safety reference information

DiverLog Brochure

Quick Reference card

Battery Compartment tool for changing batteries.




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