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  • Nagant Revolver - .177 4.5mm rifled air pistol revolver by Gletcher - Military Precision

    New in - Pellet Revolver from Gletcher - Military precision A Russian Legend, the Nagant - 7 shot Revolver, Full metal, Co2 Powered firing .177 / 4.5mm pellets from it's rifled barrel. Also available in Silver. Both finishes available in either .177 / 4.5mm BB or rifled for .177 / 4.5mm lead airgun pellets...
  • Hatsan 10 shot PCP BT65 Synthectic PCP Air Rifle

    .22 / 5.5mm Hatsan BT65 Synthectic PCP Air Rifle The Hatsan BT65 PCP Multi Shot Full Powered Air Rifle This is a full power PCP air rifle from imported by Edgar Brothers and manufactured bay Hatsan. HATSAN has a very large 35000 m² production area, with some 650 workers and a...
  • Walther CP88 Polished Chrome Finished Co2 Pistol from Umarex - Own a piece of History

    Own a Piece of History - CP88 Co2 Pistol Did you know the Walther CP88 was the first pellet firing Co2 pistol made by Umarex in Germany. The CP88 Co2 Polished Pistol from Umarex This authentic replica of the German made Walther P88 pistol that first went into production in 1988...
  • Umarex adds the HK VP9 blowback to their co2 lineup

    If you ask anyone that knows me my favorite brand of firearm, they'll always say HK and the licensed Umarex Co2 replica's are no exception to that. Recent additions like the HK USP Blowback Co2 Pistol are getting better and better with each new pistol being released. Looking through Umarex's systems this evening, I chanced...
  • Gunpower Tactical Package

    Following on from Yesterday's post about the new Gunpower Air Rifles, we now have a first look image for the Tactical Package. Available as an upgrade when purchasing a new Gunpower Rifle, each Tactical Package includes the Picatinny Rail and vertical foregrip (shown here attached to a Gunpower Stealth rifle...

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