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  • New Umarex Ruger 10/22 co2 rifle

    The Officially Licensed Replica of the Famous Ruger 10/22 .22LR rifle which has been a top seller since the 1960s: well-balanced, robust and precision-built. This Licensed replica in .177-calibre powered by CO2 version (2 x 12 g) from Umarex, which shoots pellets, likewise has what it takes to become a...
  • HATSAN Optima Hammerless .410 Single Barrel Shotguns

    HATSAN Optima Hammerless .410 Single Barrel Shotguns   • 410 gauge, 3” / 76 mm chamber single barrel shotgun without hammer.• Capability of firing both 3” / 76 mm and 2 ¾” / 70 mm shells.• Barrels are made of nickel-chromium-molybdenum steel with chrome plating internally.• 24” / 61 cm...
  • SIMMONS Whitetail Classic Scopes - NEW From Edgars

    NEW - From Edgar Brothers the SIMMONS – Whitetail Classic Whitetail Classic® Scopes Simmons® is bringing back a classic: Whitetail Classic Riflescopes. Available in six time-tested deer hunting configurations for short- and long-range enthusiasts, they offer a timeless look and are specifically designed for hunting's most timeless trophy. The large field...
  • JSB / Air Arms Die Numbers and Dates

    An interesting question flashed across my desk a few days ago, and after doing some reading up I found some useful tips when trying to decipher the die numbers and dates found on the back of Air Arms and JSB pellet tins.  JSB tins have three numbers:First Number: 45160015Second Number: 2Third Number: 4.52...
  • Applying for a Firearms Licence

    Applications for a Firearm (Section 1) or Shotgun (Section 2) Licence is handled by your local police authority. Click on the links for Dorset and Hampshire based applications, where you can view the criteria, approximate timescale and documents required for your application. If you live in another region of the UK, you...

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