Daystate GENUS Limited Edition Rifle

Daystate Launch their Limited Edition 40th Birthday PCP Rifle - The Genus

Updated 16 Jan 2019

Launched at Daystate’s red carpet event to mark Daystate's 40 year birthday, held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on the 3rd of December 2018

  • Limited to only 200 units produced worldwide
  • Each breech block individually numbered with commemorative markings and number
  • Huma Regulated
  • Laminate Stock with commemorative insert / seal on the heel of the stock
  • Gold embellishments and contrasting stock caps
  • Fully shrouded barrel with "0db" silencer
  • Available in .177, .20, .22 and .25 calibre
  • Each rifle will be accompanied by a hard cover book telling the history of Daystate Ltd which will be
    individually numbered, limited and matched to the rifle.
  • The Genus will come packaged in a Hard Case.

Only 200 available worldwide - A rifle to be proud of.

This limited edition new Daystate air rifle "Genus" is built around Daystate's inaugural Huntsman of 1978. A lot of improvements have happened along the way from the early Huntsman MK1 to today's Huntsman Regal HR. And further development gives us the NEW Daystate Genus PCP rifle which has a really nice Minelli masterfully sculpted, laminated stock with a commemorative insert in the heel of the rifles laminated stock. Looks really up market. The stock sandwiches green and brown undertones between its layers, Minelli have done a great job. This great stock is complimented with a really sexy action and metal work finished in bronze and gold.

Each Genus rifle is hand built by Daystate technicians

and individually numbered with a plaque on the right side of the receiver. This limited edition rifle has a much higher level of detail. This PCP is Regulated using a HUMA-AIR regulator which has proved to be awesome and very successful in the current Daystate HR Huntsman Regal.

This Limited Edition Genus PCP rifle has the new Daystate 0Db moderator / silencer.

This collectors rifle comes complete with a hard cover book telling the history of Daystate Ltd,

this book is also individually numbered with the rifles serial number. This collectors edition rifle comes packaged in it's own hard case.

This rifle looks the part, handles great and has awesome performance.

The new Daystate Genus is pure airgun artistry.

Combined this with Daystates world class engineering and great design, and once again Daystate have created one of the best performing and beautiful limited edition PCP air rifles on the market today.


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