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  • Update on Air Force One Airguns!

    We've had a pleasing update from the UK distributor of Air Force One airguns, to confirm that after the Chinese Lunar New Year, they expect their first shipment to leave China and start making their way to the UK. Pre-order customers have already been notified and there's still time to reserve Airguns from the selection we have on order.

    If these are proven to be popular, it's been suggested that we could see more variations of this kind of Airguns heading our way!

  • Daystate .308 Beaumont Grizzly

    New Daystate?

    I spotted this in my news feed late yesterday and couldn't resist sharing it. There are a few things that I spotted throughout the video that I'm genuinely excited about. First off, like the Tsar before it, this seems to be an outreach rifle (this time between Daystate and Beaumont Technologies) that takes a great rifle (in this case the Beaumont AST) and add's Daystate's experience and refinements to it.

    First Impressions

    My first reactions are to draw attention to that outstanding stock design. If anyone know's my preference in rifles, they will know that the profile, adjustable comb height and long forward length are all massive ticks in the box for me. Also worth noting is that Beaumont use integrated Picatinny rails on their action block. I'm crossing my fingers, toes and anything else applicable that we're going to be seeing this happening more and more on Air Rifles. I've tried to avoid repeating the video content here, so that you can see for yourself what's on offer.

    A UK Version?

    I have no idea whether we'll see a UK version in .308 (or .303 for that matter). Personally if I can get this in a UK legal power in .177 I'll definitely be after one myself!

  • Umarex confirm Glock licence

    Over on Umarex.de and Armex's Twitter and Facebook account they have confirmed that Umarex have successfully negotiated a licence to produce Airguns based on Glock firearms.

    As a big fan of their licenced HK pistols and how far they have advanced in recent years, this is a welcome move that will likely see current Gen 4 Glocks and maybe even a Gen 5 hitting the market. If they can fill the frame with the same advanced internals as the recent blowback HK USP then these will be super high quality and realistic airguns.

    Personally, I can't wait!

  • Our Airgun Buying Guide - TAL Arms Dorset and Hampshire UK

    Buying an Airgun or Air Rifle? Where do you start?

    After owning and running a Gun shop in Dorset (for well over 20 years) answering these questions occurs nearly ever day, I thought I'd write a quick blog so you can have a better understanding before popping into the shop to handle a few rifles, as it's also important that the guns fits you and you like it. I find people shot the guns they like the look of and leave the others in the cupboard.

    Probably the best place to start is by deciding what type of Air Rifle you want and how your Air Gun will be powered.

    You have a wide selection from traditional spring powered and Gas Ram Air Rifles, Pre-charge or PCP Pneumatic Air Rifles, single stroke or pump-up pneumatic Air Rifles and Co2 powered Air Rifles.

    So lets look at these choices first....

    Spring Powered Air Rifles (Springers)

    There are 2 main types, break barrel and under lever.

    Break Barrel

    This is the traditional "Springer" rifle where you break the barrel and bull the end of the barrel down to cock the spring. Pop a pellet in the breech (The open end of the barrel you just broke nearest you), close up the rifle, make sure the safely is off and squeeze the trigger.

    Our favorite starter rifles


    This type of rifle has a lever under the barrel which you pull down to cock the rifle. Some people think this type of rifle is more accurate as the barrel does not where with repeated use. To be honest with quality modern rifles I don't find it makes much difference, as wear is very little and the quality of metal and manufacture is so much better than it was..

    How the "Springer" Air Rifles work.

    Both Break barrel and under-lever rifles have a big powerful spring that is compressed when you cock the gun. This is done by either pulling down on the barrel (Break barrel) or the lever (under level).

    This compresses the spring which is contained inside the action of the rifle a separate chamber to the barrel. So we have a spring that drives forward a piston which has a piston seal on the front that pushes the air out of the chamber into the barrel and drives the pellet down the barrel and out of the barrel towards the target. There is normally a breech seal that stops the air escaping out of the join between the action and the barrel. The trigger holds back the sear and this in turn holds back the piston. So when you squeeze the trigger the piston shoots forward. Most rifles have a safety that effectively locks the trigger so the gun can not fire until the safety is taken off, then the gun is ready to fire.


    This is a compressed air piston that replaces the larger main spring in break barrel "Springer" rifles. It works like the main spring above but you compress the air in the gas ram instead of compressing the main spring. Generally more consistent than a spring and therefore more accurate. Lasts longer than a spring but often costs slightly more to purchase.

    Pros of a Spring powered air rifle - Advantages

    • Reliable and simple to operate.
    • Range from simple "plinker" rifles to match Air Rifles.
    • Quick and easy to load
    • Generally good value for money.

    Cons of a Spring powered air rifle - Disadvantages

    • Can have heavy recoil making it hard to hit the target.
    • Spring wears out, though can often give many years of good service before needing a re-spring. I have seen guns lasting 8-10 years with out needing a new spring.
    • Some Cheap imported spring guns are very poor quantity.
    • Normally only single shot, though a few multi shot rifles do exist, such as the BSA Gold Star (Break barrel not the new PCP by the same name) and the Gamo Maxxim Elite Multishot break barrel.
    • More noisy than a PCP, both muzzle and piston noise.
    • Harder to shoot

    Co2 Powered Rifles

    Co2 rifles have come a long way, they are normally very light compared to spring guns and powered by either 12g or 88g Co2 capsules or cartridges. These are not normally usable.

    Have some of the benefits of a PCP in that they are recoil-less (or Recoil free). This means the gun does not jump in your hands and hit your shoulder making it harder to hit what you are aiming at. The pellet is still moving down the barrel when the gun jumps, so if you don't keep the gun on aim you will miss the target. This is a big benefit but Co2 is a liquid gas so power and point of impact will change depending on temperature and on how fast you fire the gun. So less powerful in the winter than in the summer and can vary between shots as the gun warms up from shooting.

    Co2 can be a great choice for plinking in the garden or close range vermin as long as the gun is powerful enough. Not all Co2 rifles are full power. Available as both single shot and magazine fed mulitshot versions.

    Pros of a Co2 powered air rifle - Advantages

    • No felt recoil
    • Easier to hit the target
    • Cheaper than PCP

    Cons of a Co2 powered air rifle - Disadvantages

    • You have to buy gas, canisters are not re usable.
    • Accuracy / Power varies with temperature
    • General not full power

    Single Stroke & Pump up Pneumatic Air rifles

    These rifles have a lever which compresses a piston not a spring. So as you compress the piston it compresses the gas and this is held back by the trigger/sear. When you pull the trigger the compressed air in the piston shoots the piston forward like ion a spring gun but with much more consistency between shots and less recoil. But still more recoil than a Co2 or PCP rifle.

    While the recoilless nature of trhe gun makes it more accurate the effort of cocking the gun can out way this advantage. It takes a lot of effort to cock the gun or pump it up, which can leave you out of breath and this makes it hard to keep the gun still.

    Pros of a Single Stroke or Pump up Pneumatic powered air rifle - Advantages

    • No felt recoil
    • Easier to hit the target
    • More accurate and consistent than Co2
    • Cheaper set up than PCP

    Cons of a Single Stroke or pump up Pneumatic powered air rifle - Disadvantages

    • Single stroke are often heavy
    • Very little choice
    • The effort of cocking or pumping the gun can out way the advantage of no felt recoil.

    PCP - Pre charge Pneumatic powered air rifles

    This is by far the fastest growing, fastest changing and most popular type of air rifle for serious shooters and plinkers. PCP air rifles are powerful, very accurate, have no felt recoil and when fitted with a good silencer/moderator very very quite. Being powered by compressed air they do not suffer from the problems found with Co2 rifles. You have a compressed air reservoir or bottle. This can be under the barrel, in the stock or surround the barrel. There is now a huge range of PCP manufactures and models to choose from. The UK leads the world in designing PCP air rifles. The pressure in these guns is normally around 160 to 232 Bar or 2500 - 3000 PSI.

    These air chambers are charged or filled up by using a stirrup pump, normally 1-2 pumps per shot or from a Scuba cylinder/tank. A scuba cylinder is by far the quickest, easiest and we find the most popular option. A lot of customer pop in to the shop to get their rifles filled until the get around to purchasing their own scuba cylinders.

    The guns can and should be left filled and are very accurate. You can even get electronic triggers on some guns such as some of those made by Daystate here in the UK.

    Pros of a PCP powered air rifle - Advantages

    • No felt recoil
    • Easier to hit the target
    • More accurate and consistent than Co2
    • Easier to load than Single stroke and Pump up Pneumatic rifles
    • Many Single and mulitshot modes available to chose from.
    • Very cheap to shoot after initial setup costs

    Cons of a  PCP powered air rifle - Disadvantages

    • Cost more to set up
    • Difficulty getting rifle filled if you don't have your own charging gear
    • Some times just to easy to shoot!
  • UK, English Airgun Law - Buying an Air rifle, Air or Co2 pistol

    TAL Shooters Scales of justice UK Airgun lawAir gun Law in England.

    (The Law in Scotland and Northern Ireland LAW is different)

    Airgun law - Any shop selling you an airgun must be a Registered Firearms Dealer. The transaction must be face to face. So you must go into the shop or if you want to purchase on line then you must collect the gun from another Firearms Dealer near you. The gun can not be posted to your address.

    This restriction only applies to airguns and silencers, not to scopes, mounts or any of the huge range of airgun related accessories and airgun pellets available from us. It does not apply to private airgun sales.

    TAL Arms - Friendly Gun Shop - The law and airgunsWho can buy/purchase and shoot/use an airgun

    18 years

    If you are 18 years or older there are no restrictions on buying an air rifle and ammunition, and you can use it where you have permission to shoot. (Providing you are not prohibited from owning a firearm, i.e. you have been to prison for more than 3 months custodial sentence and therefore prohibited).

    14–17 years

    You can:
    - borrow an air rifle and ammunition
    - use an air rifle, without supervision, on private premises where you have permission

    You cannot:
    - buy or hire an air rifle, or ammunition, or receive one as a gift. Your air rifle and ammunition must be bought and looked after by someone over 18 – normally your parent, guardian or some other responsible adult.
    - have an air rifle in a public place unless you are supervised by somebody aged 21 or over, and you have a reasonable excuse to do so (for example, while on the way to a shooting ground).

    Under 14 years

    You can
    - use an air rifle under supervision on private premises with permission from the occupier - normally the owner or tenant. The person who supervises you must be at least 21 years old.

    You cannot
    - buy, hire or receive an air rifle or its ammunition as a gift, or shoot, without adult supervision.
    Parents or guardians who buy an air rifle for use by someone under 14 must exercise control over it at all times, even in the home or garden.

    It is illegal to sell an air rifle or ammunition to a person under 18 years of age.

    Transporting airguns

    Airguns must always be transported in securely-fastened cases that do not permit the airgun to be fired whilst in the case.

    Airgunners between 14 and 18 years of age are not allowed to transport an airgun to a range or place to shoot. These shooters must be accompanied and supervised by someone of 21 years or above. It is illegal to have an airgun loaded or not, in a public place without lawful authority or reasonable excuse. This restriction applies to all airguns, even those that are being carried in securely-fastened gun cases. So you must be on your way to a range, gun shop, place to shoot or have some other lawful excuse.

    The maximum Airgun power you can have without a firearms licence

    Air rifles must be under 12ft.lb and for Co2 and Air pistols the limit is under 6ft.lb. For rifles above this you require a Firearms Certificate (FAC). Air pistols that produce more than 6ft.lb are prohibited.

    More on maximum power for you airgun, How to calculate power and Maximum velocities

    Where Can I shoot / use my airgun

    TAL Shooters Hampshire - Gun range airgun lawIt is legal for anyone above the age of 14 to shoot unsupervised an airgun (air rifle or air pistol) on private land where full permission to shoot has been given.

    Those below the age of 14 may shoot airguns only if closely supervised by someone over 21 years of age. The supervising adult is legally responsible for the actions of the junior shooter.

    You can only shoot Airguns on land where the user has full permission to shoot. This may be your garden, or private land owned or leased by an individual or club (Such as Christchurch Gun Club, TAL Shooters airgun club, Hurn Gun Club, Parkstone Gun Club, Ferndown Gun Club and other clubs).

    Wherever you shoot

    You must ensure that all of your pellets remain within the boundary of the land on which your shooting permission applies. Example - If you are shooting in your garden you must make sure the pellets do not go into your neighbours garden unless you have permission from them.

    It is NOT Legal, It is illegal, You can not under Airgun law

    To shoot an airgun on any land, including common land, river banks, public land, recreation areas or playing fields and land covered by water, i.e. lakes, ponds, canals and rivers where you do not have full permission from the lands owner or its tenant. It is also illegal to fire an airgun closer than 50 feet (15 metres) from the centre of a public highway, bridleway or footpath, if your shooting causes upset or inconvenience to those using the highway.


    It is legal for persons authorised by the landowner or tenant to carry out vermin control with an air rifle. The legal airgun quarry species include brown rats, magpies, carrion crows, rooks, jays, squirrels, wood-pigeons, feral pigeons and collared doves. Other species, such as lesser black backed gulls, herring gulls and greater black backed gulls are best left to professional pest controllers.

    Additional info can  be found

    Dorset Police


    We are here to help pop in and chat to us

    Please feel welcome to come in to our shop and discuss airgun Law or how to apply for a firearms certificate any time we are open, we are always happy to help fellow shooters.

    TAL Arms - Gun shop here to help



  • Air Pistol of the Month - Sig Sauer Max Michel

    Sig Sauer Max Michel First impressions

    Well our first impressions of the Sig Sauer Max Michel were good. It had a Great weight, comfortable feel and it packs a punch. As we all know BB Guns aren't always the most accurate. However i was pleasantly surprised by this Sig Sauer's replica of the 1911. I wouldn't say i'm the best shot in the world, but even I could get a nice group with this pistol. Smooth action and light trigger makes this one of the best guns I've used, i have used this for action shooting at our range and of all the guns i have fired over the years its definitely one of my favourites.

    Why should you get one?

    Things we liked on the Sig Sauer Max Michel, for one the functioning grip safety. The magazine is easy to load and above all else the quick and slick way to load the Co2. Simply pull out the lever and insert Co2, then push the lever back! Very similar to the Sig Sauer 226 design. We absolutely love it. I must warn you all you can get a face full of Co2 if your not careful, make sure you wait until the pistol is nearly empty before releasing the gas. It has a tendency to jump out at you.

    Sig Sauer Max Michel Co2 PistolSig Sauer Max Michel Co2 Pistol

    Loading and Co2 insertion

    See here on the left image the magazines spring simply pulls back and you load the bb's in, it also allows you to latch back the spring which is very useful when loading up. The image on the right shows the lever for the Co2, brilliant design and so quick to do.

    I myself would choose something like this for action shooting, the reason why is its solid structure and easy to change magazine. Us here at TAL like our pistols, whether thats Air pistols, BB pistols or Full bore Firearms. We just live for it. We  do some action  pistol at our range in Ringwood, using 4.5mm BB guns, it really is alot of fun. The Max Michel has a big thumbs up from us.

    Happy Shooting.

    Alex <3

  • Crossmans Remington 1875 CO2 Dual Ammo Replica Revolver


    Crossmans Remington 1875 CO2 Dual Ammo Replica Revolver

    As we all know the Umarex Single Action Army Co2 Revolvers were a big hit with us shooters. They were alot of fun and completly changed the game with Co2 powered pistols. It was something we hadn't really seen before. Although i must say im glad Umarex has set the trend. These Remington 1875 revolvers are a thing of beauty!

    Remington 1875 CO2 RevolverIm not the biggest fan of shiny nickle finish and ivory grips but I must say it just looks right on this replica.

    Remington 1875 CO2 Revolver

    A Little History

    For you history buffs, after the American civil war remington had the great idea of using metallic cartridges rather than the traditional powder and lead ball. This meant they had a huge supply of pistols that would soon be out of date. So what they did was convert all there old style revolvers into the new and improved cartridge firing revolver. Which we now know as the 1875. Me personally, i think this is one of the most imfamous revolvers of the old west.

    Remington 1875 CO2 Revolver

    How do i get one?

    You can order one of these incredible pistols by clicking the link below and pre-order. I'm sure they will go quickly! However we will not be seeing these pistols until early october 2017. But as soon as i have a more acurate date I will let you guys know. I will be updating blogs and posting new ones to keep you all up to date. so be sure to check them out.

    Happy shooting.

    Alex <3

    Crossmans Remington 1875 CO2 Dual Ammo Replica Revolver

  • NEW 4.5mm / .177BB - Mosin Nagant M1944 Co2 Rifle with Bayonet

    Trevor M1944 Co2 rifle TAL Arms

    Famous Russian rifle the Mosin Nagant M1944 Co2 Rifle Complete with Folding Bayonet

    New just in is this excellent reproduction replica Mosin Nagant 1944 Carbine, Shoots Steel, lead and plastic 4.5mm BB that we sell. Power by 1 x 12g Co2 Sparkletts / capsule. Bolt action works to cock the gun and chamber a round. Detachable magazine.

    I really like the weight and feel of the rifle, it is just like the original 7.62x54R full bore version issued to the Russian troops. However the Trigger is better than the original. Points and looks like the Russian issue rifle that I have shot so many times. The Bayonet folds in and out and again just like the original and it even comes with a sling just like the original.

    Be a get addition to any collection of World war II and modern military collection and for re-enactment.

    Full length Full size replica of the legendary  Mosin-Nagant Russian rifle. This famous rifle was in production from the 1890's right up until the 1950's.

    During the Second World War the Russian Army adopted a shorter carbine version of the Mosin Nagant M38 rifle which went in to service in 1944, hence they called it the model 1944 or M1944.

    Get your's now - Be one of the first

    Here is a picture with an original 7.62x54R M1943 Rifle shown side by side

    M1938 M1944 Mosin Nagant rifles

    The 7.62x54R M1938 is on the bottom without a bayonet, Co2 M1944 BB Rifle on the top

    You can see how similar they are. We do not have a M1944 Original in stock at the moment, this was the closest I could find.

    Hopefully I will get to shoot this rifle soon.

    See the product for more info and full specs on the rifle.

    Stacked Mosin Nagant M1944 rifles TAL Arms

  • NEW Weihrauch HW44 PCP 10 Shot Repeater Air Pistol

    Weihrauch the world famous German gun manufacturer has released their new PCP HW44 10 shot air pistol.

    This is a side lever cocking PCP pistol based on the HW110. and this lever can be removed and switched to the opposite side for left handed shooters. The Pistols uses the same 10 shot magazine as the HW110 and can be shot very accurately with the Pistols excellent two stage adjustable match trigger. The HW44 air Pistol has a manual safety. Fitted with a quick-fill 200 bar air cylinder with a pressure gauge fitted on the end just like the rifles. This air pistol is regulated. the HW44 air pistol comes in both .177 / 4.5mm and .22 / 5.5mm calibers.

    Ambidextrous slip resistant pistol grip and safety, charging port is on the front again the same as on the HW110. Has a picatinny rail underneath so you could fit a lazer or torch under the barrel. You also have an in built weaver rail on the top for a scope or red dot sight. Fully adjustable open rear sight and post front sight. Feels very good in the hand, great feel. Uses the same match barrel as used in the rifle. There is a dedicated moderator/silencer available for this pistol at extra cost. Order yours NOW

    HW44 PCP Air Pistol

    HW44 Air Pistol Factory Specifications

    • Excellent accuracy
    • 10 shot Repeater
    • Low recoil
    • 10 Shot magazine
    • 200 BAR Regulated cylinder
    • 20 shots per fill
    • .177 and .22 Caliber
    • Ambidextrous action
    • Total Length (mm) – 337mm/13.27” inches
    • Barrel Length (mm) – 247mm/9.72” inches
    • Weight (kg) (without scope or moderator) – 1.3kg/2.87 lbs
    • Picatinny Rail under barrel
    • Weaver rail on top
    • Silencer available


    PPreHW44 PCP Air Pistol from Weihrauch

    Pre-Order your's NOW!

    Be one of the first to get your hands on one of these awesome air pistols

  • New the UK Spec Armtac AK47 Style - 12 Bore Action Shotgun - RS S1 Mono Stock by Armsan

    Armtac RS-S1 Section 1 shotgun UK Spec RS S1

    Great gun , Great fun - Section 1 Armtac Shotgun - Box magaines

    Awesome New RS - S1 12 Gauge shotgun which is a copy of the Saiga AK47 style shotgun made under licence in Turkey by Armsan. Great for Practical Shotgun, 3 Gun Disciplines, Vermin and more..  "The IZHMASH SAIGA-12 is back"

    Comes with both a 5 round and 10 round box magazine as standard. More 5 and 10 round magazine are available. When you order yours I'd order a couple of spare 10 round magazines for action shotgun. Additional magazines both 5 round and 10 round are available.

    Because of the Russian arms embargo Armsan now have the rights to produce the Saiga-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun for the European market. Now called the RS S1 Armtac.

    Has a adjustable black mono stock, 24" Barrel, 5+1 and 10+1 magazines as standard, It also has an adjustable rear sight & fiber optic front sight, with a great picatinny rail on receiver & also under for-end and comes complete with 3 chokes and muzzle break. Additional 5 and10 round box magazines are available and you can even get a 20 round drum magazines for these awesome shotguns

    Saiga AK47 Style shotgun made by Armtyac

    You need to have a UK Firearms Licence to buy one of these with the correct variation. Suitable for vermin control, Action shotgun, Practical Shotgun, 3 gun disciplines and is just so much fun to shoot.... To buy Slug and SG ammo for this semi auto shotgun you will need to have it on your Firearms licence.

    I found them to be very reliable, fed every type of ammo I tried, Slug, SG, 5,6,7,8 and 9 shot cartridges. Very simple to strip and clean, tried and tested design developed from the AK 47 family of rifles.

    For detailed info click here

    Order yours now at TAL Arms Christchurch, Dorset


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