H&N Smart Shot - Low Ricochet BB's

H&N smart shot BB's shown in tinWhen visiting our favourite range, or plinking in the comfort of our own Garden, we've all experienced some form of ricochet discomfort. Whilst we can protect ourselves with correct eyewear, other items on the firing line or nearby aren't often so lucky.

Especially when action shooting, the risk of ricochet is always present, especially against metal targets, and having seen what a BB can do to a scope lens during my youth, I was pleased to be pointed in the direction of H&N's Smart Shot BB's.

On first inspection, these 7.4gr BB's sit nicely weight-wise between the well known ASG blaster and GAMO BB's, offering a decent balance of muzzle velocity and accuracy, even in a smooth-bore pistol.

H&N smart shot BB recovered from targetWe tested a few of these against the new Sig Sauer Metal Targets at the weekend, at a range of 5 meter's from an Umarex Race Pistol. Out of several magazines we didn't experience a single return, and when going forward to check the target we recovered several shot BB's for closer inspection.We were pleased to see that the deform effect on the BB's was as shown on the packaging, with almost all of the energy transferred to the target facing surface. The trailing surface of the BB on impact retained it's shape and the cracked copper coating that you see on the impact surface, was undamaged. I'll be putting these through their paces over the coming week against different surfaces but on first use, these new H&N Smart Shot BB's look to be a very worthy addition to the H&N range, and a must for all action shooters.

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