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Hollis Explorer mk1. Repairs partsHuish buyout of Hollis / AUP

There have been some changes at Hollis Explorer Rebreather Front, AUP / Hollis seem to have been bought out by Huish, this has caused some supply problems as Huish have moved the factory to Utah.

Update have since been told

Two unknown guys bought Hollis Rebreathers and Huish will distribute their product only (The Prism 2).

Hollis Rebreathers LLC is a newly-formed Wyoming limited liability company affiliated with but operated independently of Huish Outdoors with North American operations out of a shared facility within Huish Outdoors’ headquarters in Salt Lake City, UT.

Huish continued support of the Hollis Prism 2

Huish have set up a new company called Hollis Rebreathers LLC and they are now producing the Prism 2 again and Prism 2 parts. CE approval for the Prism 2 I am told is still on the cards and hopefully will be with us shortly, Also a back mounted version of the Prism 2.

it looks like another company may be taking over support/supply of parts for the Hollis Explorer Rebreather MK1 and MK2 but can't get any more info at this time.

Huish drop the Hollis Explorer

Sad to say that Huish are not continuing with the Hollis Explorer MK1 or MK2.

No support from Huish on the Hollis Explorer

Huish are not taking on liability for the MK1 and MK2 Explorer from Hollis and will not be supplying warranty parts. They say they are not making any more LSS (Electronics heads for either MK1 or MK2 Explorers)

Apparently it is a liability thing, therefore Huish or the new Hollies Rebreathers LLC will not supply warranty parts for repairs, this is I think they want another company to supply/support MK1 and MK2 Hollis Explorer Rebreathers.

New Hollis MK2 LSS - User changeable batteris New Hollis MK2 LSS - User changeable batteris

Help is at hand with TAL Scuba

Don't panic as TAL Scuba in Dorset can carryout most repairs in house here in the UK, But we can not manufacture parts. We can often repair handsets and various other parts of the Rebreather.

We can replace handset OLED screens, buttons, reed switches and make other handset repairs. When the OLED displays fail or the colour fades we can change the screen for you, this is not a job you would want to do yourself.

We are working on changing the batteries in the MK1 LSS electronics ourselves and re potting them (This is the hard bit), and this is not an easy process so it will take a while for us to master this, but hopefully we will get there, but we can not do it yet. We need more info on the correct potting compounds, vacuum chambers and repair procedures.

Future of the Hollis Explorer

I think and hope that someone will produce a MK3 Explorer sometime soon, there has been far to much money spent on development and the unit is way to good for it to go down the tube. I think this is likely to be basically a MK2 with a few software improvements and some small electronics changes to improve the HP circuit  hopefully within 12 months, fingers crossed.

I would guess that an upgrade from MK1 or MK2 Hollis Explorer to a MK3 version will become available in time.

I will post any developments when i find out more

I have 3 of my own units, so I feel the pain as well but we need to make the best of it and keep diving and keep enjoying the Hollis Explorer even if it will probably now cost us a bit more to keep the units going.

Roll on the MK3 or whatever they will call it!

Trevor Leyland

PADI Hollis Explorer IT, Instructor and Hollis Explorer technician

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