Hollis Explorer Rebreather - Not charging LSS Handset - Repairs Faults

Having problems with your Hollis Explorer? LSS red light will not go out or will not let you dive as all 3 batteries are not fully charged. Common problem on the Hollis Explorer MK1. The first thing you need to do is see if it is a battery cell problem in the LSS (Electronics head). To do this we need to see the charge level of each of the 3 Batteries in the LSS and the battery in the handset.

How to access hidden Service mode battery data status

This can be done using the technicians data available on the handset when in Service mode. Watch the video to see how to get to this hidden screen, You can also check the o2 cell (Oxygen cell) mv readings (millivolt readings that indicate health of oxygen cell) from here. This is a very useful screen to access when trouble shooting your Hollis Explorer Rebreather Mark 1 or Mark 2. 

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