BMCL HOLLIS Prism 2 Rebreather Back Mounted Counterlungs Available as an upgrade

Hollis Rebreathers have launched a Back Mounted Counter Lung Option for the Prism 2 Rebreather BMCL Kit

We are shipping these out side the EU, Very soon we will supply them here in the UK and EU, Just waiting for CE approval.

If you are based in an EU country send us an email for more info on when we can ship to you. You can Pre-Order Now

Do you have a Prism 2 Rebreather with front mounted counter lungs? Want less drag?

We Rebreather divers are always looking at how we can improve streamlining, better/cleaner hose routing and reduce drag. Front mounted counter lungs are great and I still use and like them but the market is moving more towards back mounted counter lungs on Rebreathers leaving the chest clear for squeezing through smaller gaps and making it easier to attach Bail out/Deco tanks and other accessories. Many consider this gives you better horizontal trim. This also improves water trapping and it looks great.

Hollis Rebreathers have listen to your requests and bring us the BMCL

Back Mounted Counter lung kit as an upgrade for existing units and you can even add this as your choice when you order a prism 2 using the design your own options.

Brand manager Nick Hollis tells us

“The CCR market demand has shifted drastically towards counter lung designs mounted behind the diver,” 

“Our goal is to exceed the current market demand for an attractive Back Mounted Counter lung replacement and include is as a standard feature for the Prism 2.”

ADVANTAGES and KEY FEATURES of the Back Mounted Counter Lungs on the Hollis Prism 2

  • Clutter-free chest area
  • Streamlined diver profile with reduced drag
  • More space to clip on and retrieve extra items
  • Better horizontal trim
  • Excellent breathing characteristics in all typical diving positions

BMCL KIT Includes

Kit includes all the controls, t-pieces, hoses, bag, everything to swap the existing lungs. For users with the 4 port first stage, it connects right up. If you have the 3 port, you must use a Y adapter to run the additional LP hose for the manual control, or a swivel on the lower side of the first stage body.

Price for the BMCL Prism 2 Upgrade to back mounted Lungs

Retail in the USA is 1299.95 USD for the upgrade BMCL kit. Here in the UK the price is not firm yet, we are currently taking special pre-orders at only £1099.00

We expect the retail price in the UK to be around £1299 GBP including VAT. We can ship outside EU or within the EU as soon as CE has been gained, anytime now.

Why not order an upgrade when you get us to do your next annual service?


Hollis Rebreather LLC - Prism 2 BMCL price List in USD for information 24/01/2019

Please email or see our website for TAL Scuba UK prices

Part No. Description Price in USD UPC
240-6530-000  PRISM 2 TEK W/PETREL W/ BMCL  $8,999.95  882689142291
240-6530-000-M  PRISM 2 TEK W/PETREL W/ BMCL (METRIC)  $8,999.95  882689142307
$1,299.95  882689141539
240-6507  BMCL OUTER BAG ONLY  $139.95  882689141546
$59.95  882689141553
$59.95  882689141577
240-6511  OXYGEN MAV - BMCL  $139.95  882689141584
240-6512  DILUENT MV - BMCL  $139.95  882689141591
240-6516  BMCL HOSE KIT (LP, HP AND BREATHING HOSES)  $159.95  882689141638

The Hollis Prices above were correct on 24/01/19 and do not include shipping or tax.

Link to Hollis BMCL installation Manual


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