Marco Cressi visits TAL Scuba - New Cherokee Spear guns for 2016

It was great to meet Marco Cressi and Emma Fuller of Cressi, who took the time out to visit the UK and TAL Scuba to show us the new CHEROKEE OCEAN and OPEN RUBBER Spear guns for 2016 in person.

Marco gave us some great insight to the market and future of spear guns and Free diving around the world along with a wide range of other Cressi products. Marco knows his stuff. We have been selling Cressi spear guns for over 10 years, a great way to spear fish and put food on the table in an sustainable way.

Marco Cressi, Emma Fuller and Trevor Leyland check out the new spearguns from Cressi Marco Cressi, Emma Fuller and Trevor Leyland


New for 2016 Cressi have produced the CHEROKEE OCEAN RUBBER GUN - Now available from TAL Scuba in Dorset.


Cressi Ocean Rubber band Speargun Cressi Ocean Rubber band Speargun
    Cressi Open Rubber band Speargun Cressi Open Rubber band Speargun

Both models available in 120, 110, 100, 90 cm length versions.

Features include all new hydroformed barrel with an integrated spear guide.

This New barrel provides excellent hydrodynamics whilst tracking the gun, as well as providing considerable resistance to bending.

This new design of handle has a chest loading support that is interchangeable to give the option of both a low and a high support and is the same colour as the barrel and the.

The stainless steel line release mechanism has a lateral line guide release.  Nice safety catch operated by a tilting the mechanism (up/down).  Also has a reel mount for the (optional) reel, this has been strengthened over previous designs and now uses a steel through pin for extra strength and security.

The open muzzle now features a magnetic spear lock which uses by two neodymium magnets that are mounted in a watertight chamber to hold the spear is put in place. This guarantees the maximum speed of reloading without the disadvantages normally associated with open muzzle designs.

The new gun comes assembled and ready for use with multi-filament braided nylon and a 7 mm 17-4 PH stainless "fin" spear.

Cherokee spear gun action

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