New the UK Spec Armtac AK47 Style - 12 Bore Action Shotgun - RS S1 Mono Stock by Armsan

Armtac RS-S1 Section 1 shotgun UK Spec RS S1

Great gun , Great fun - Section 1 Armtac Shotgun - Box magaines

Awesome New RS - S1 12 Gauge shotgun which is a copy of the Saiga AK47 style shotgun made under licence in Turkey by Armsan. Great for Practical Shotgun, 3 Gun Disciplines, Vermin and more..  "The IZHMASH SAIGA-12 is back"

Comes with both a 5 round and 10 round box magazine as standard. More 5 and 10 round magazine are available. When you order yours I'd order a couple of spare 10 round magazines for action shotgun. Additional magazines both 5 round and 10 round are available.

Because of the Russian arms embargo Armsan now have the rights to produce the Saiga-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun for the European market. Now called the RS S1 Armtac.

Has a adjustable black mono stock, 24" Barrel, 5+1 and 10+1 magazines as standard, It also has an adjustable rear sight & fiber optic front sight, with a great picatinny rail on receiver & also under for-end and comes complete with 3 chokes and muzzle break. Additional 5 and10 round box magazines are available and you can even get a 20 round drum magazines for these awesome shotguns

Saiga AK47 Style shotgun made by Armtyac

You need to have a UK Firearms Licence to buy one of these with the correct variation. Suitable for vermin control, Action shotgun, Practical Shotgun, 3 gun disciplines and is just so much fun to shoot.... To buy Slug and SG ammo for this semi auto shotgun you will need to have it on your Firearms licence.

I found them to be very reliable, fed every type of ammo I tried, Slug, SG, 5,6,7,8 and 9 shot cartridges. Very simple to strip and clean, tried and tested design developed from the AK 47 family of rifles.

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Order yours now at TAL Arms Christchurch, Dorset


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