Poseidon MKVI and Se7en Rebreather Instructor Training with Trevor Leyland, TAL Scuba

Lance of L P Diving completes his Poseidon Instructor Rebreather training in Staffs UK with Trevor Leyland of TAL Scuba

Lance completes his PADI Poseidon RB Instructor course with TAL ScubaThis is how to assemble your MKVIInserting battery into the Poseidon MKVI RBCheck out MKVI Se7en Handset PADI Instructor RB trainingTesting the mushroom valves on the Poseidon MKVI TAL ScubaL P Diving Staff LogoCongratulations to PADI Staff Instructor Lance Palmer who Owns L P Diving in Staffs, Lance has completed his PADI Poseidon Rebreather instructor training  with Trevor Leyland, Poseidon RB IT for TAL Scuba.

Lance will be offering Hollis Explorer and Poseidon RB courses from his Dive Centre L P Diving in Stafford not far from Stoney Cove.

Lance has been diving for over 25 years and dives the several RBs including the Poseidon MKVI/Se7en, Hollis Explorer and AP Inspiration rebreathers. Lance is also a Rebreather service technician for the MKVI and Se7en and L P Diving also do cylinder testing, regulator servicing and Gas, including O2 to over 200Bar, Lance does know his stuff.

Lance also does a lot of Film work for the Movies and has worked on many films around the World, Lance is also a commercial diver, a man of many talents.

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